Basketball Connect and Hurricanes fees (and scoring)

Hi players and parents,


A quick reminder that both Basketball Connect fees AND Hurricanes fees are due soon. Basketball Connect is separate from the club fees (Please see your welcome emails and our website for information regarding this).

Basketball Connect registration and payment is required for me to be able to add your child to their team in the system, and if this does not happen by the end of grading, you risk your child not being able to play as per association rules.

Also, thanks to those who have already paid their Hurricanes fees. Many of you would have received automated messages from the system if your fees remain unpaid. Please sort this by the due date as players who have not paid by that date will also be unable to take the court.

A small number of players/parents allocated to scoring have not been doing so. Please remember as per the registration form and emails sent in January with team information, each player is responsible for scoring twice each season. If you do not want to score, you are required to pay so that we can get someone to score for you. There needs to be clear communication with your coaches about this. All parents want the opportunity to watch their kids play, so please ensure you are doing the above. Unfortunately, for those who choose to not score and not pay, or drop their child off without coming in to score, their child will be allocated to score that game and not play. You should all be in your team group chats to organise a replacement/swap if needed. Also FYI, we will be increasing the fee for non-scorers moving forward, so if you or your child stands in for a scheduled week where there was no designated scorer, it is a great chance to get a credit towards your season 2 fees! This does not mean they can score whenever. It is only in instances when they are standing in for players who have paid to not score for the season. Please get in touch with coaches/team managers for more information.

On a separate note, we are looking for people to help out the current Hurricanes committee. Most tasks are quite straightforward, and more hands definitely makes things easier, so please contact me about this. We are all volunteers, and welcome any interested in helping out. It could be as little as an hour a month, or a bit more as we prepare for each season. Current positions we have are President, Treasurer, Secretary, Uniforms coordinator and Social media coordinator. The club has grown a lot this season and having a vice-president, teams manager and coaching coordinator would help things run much more smoothly. I am looking at further ways to bring funding into the club so that our kids have more opportunities this season, so any help would free us up to do that type of thing. Please let me know if you are interested in ANY of the above positions.

Grading is almost done and we soon move into the regular season. I wish you all the best of luck for Season 1, 2024.


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