How do I register for Basketball connect?

The following instructions are relevant to both new users and those of current players registering for a new season. Remember that you must register EVERY season.

Returning players: the only difference is that you will use the account you already have. You do not need to register as a new user.

*Also please note that instalments are not offered at this time.

1Open the BasketballConnect app then select the 3 dots at the bottom right of your screen1.jpg
2Select Register2.jpg

If you or the person you are registering already has a BasketballConnect profile, select the existing profile.

If this is the first time registering to a competition on BasketballConnect, select +New Participant Registration


Choose who you are registering

N.B. This allows the system to correctly link or not link you to the person you are registering

5Enter the participant's details as required in the fields5.jpg
6Scroll down to continue to enter the required details then select Next6.jpg
7You can search for your competition by postcode or by selecting the arrow to display a list of clubs and associations7.jpg

The drop-down menu will offer all associations and clubs, including Basketball Queensland

Ensure you select the appropriate association/club for the competition you are registering to


Any competitions at your selected association or club with open registrations will be listed below

Select the competition you want to register to by tapping that competition


Select the BQ Membership product relevant to you

e.g. Player U10, Player, Coach, Official


Select the division you are registering to in the drop-down menu

  • You will be offered divisions based on your date of birth and gender
  • If your association/cub allows, you may be able to select multiple divisions here. Please refer to your association or club for further information
  • If your association or club have capped numbers for the divisions and the capacity has been reached, those divisions will no longer be offered
12Scroll down to select Add Competition and Membership12.jpg
13Complete the required information in the fields then select Add Competition and Membership13.jpg

If your association has offered instalments as a payment option, you will see this along with the upfront payment option in the order summary screen

Select your preferred option if applicable


If you have the option to select instalments, the dates and amounts will show here

Below you can add any discount code (if applicable) or a Government Voucher by selecting those options

16Scroll down to confirm or enter your details16.jpg
17You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Basketball Queensland and any Terms and Conditions for your association or club before selecting Continue17.jpg

Choose your payment method, enter the relevant details then select Submit

N.B. Direct debit payments can take up to 7 business days to clear. You will still be able to take the court during this period

19Your order details including any items you may have purchased from the shop (if your association/club has this option) will be displayed and available to view as an invoice in the app19.jpg